Things to Remember While Packing Your Wooden Furniture March 18, 2021

Wood is perhaps the best material for our furniture. It gives a very premium and elegant finish to your home. However, choosing wood as a material for your furniture would have other consequences. Wood is a delicate material and prone to scratches and damage if not properly preserved. Transporting wooden furniture with the help of a trucking & hauling company requires additional care and protection. Whether you are planning to transport your cupboard or study table, you always need proper packaging materials and methods to haul your wooden items. In this blog, we are going to tell you the things to remember while packaging your wooden furniture. We provide perfect LTL shipping to resolve these problems in the first place.

Always Use Furniture Pads

Using furniture pads to protect your wooden furniture is always a good idea. You can easily find them at a relatively low cost from any Walmart store in your area. They are very useful to protect your furniture from scratches, cracks, and damage. However, if you cannot find furniture pads, you can also use foam padding for your furniture. However, the proper placement of the padding is very important to ensure enhanced protection for your furniture. You should pay extra attention to the corners of your furniture while loading them on a flatbed truck or other trucks.

Never Try to Plastic Wrap or Bubble Wrap

Both plastic wraps and bubble wrap are not suitable when it comes to packing your wooden furniture. Wood has a very absorbent texture that soaks moisture from the air. Thus, you might land into a seriously sticky situation if you use plastic or bubble wrap to pack your furniture. The perfect smooth texture of your wooden furniture can be entirely ruined with the use of plastic packaging. Instead, it would be best if you prefer furniture pads or foam padding for packaging.

Get Rid of Knobs and Metal Accessories

As a load broker, we always recommend getting rid of all the knobs and metal accessories from your wooden furniture before loading them for transportation. These metal items could cause severe damage to your furniture in the transportation journey. Your furniture will have to absorb the bumps of the road and remain intact throughout the shipment.

Cover the Legs of your Furniture

It especially applies to heavy furniture with legs. The legs have to hold the entire structure of the furniture throughout the shipment process. Therefore, you must protect the legs even before you take a trucking quote from Pivot Trucking LLC. Your furniture is susceptible to lose its legs on a long journey if you don’t protect it properly.