Leading Truck Manufacturers in the World March 18, 2021

The trucking and hauling industry is a truly massive industry in the world. Especially in America, we Americans are covering over a million miles trucking across the country every day. Transporting such long distances requires high-reliability and quality. Only the automotive giants are able to capture the trucking industry with their trucks. These truck manufacturers are known for producing the most popular and reliable trucks. People often search these trucks for trucking quotes and freight quotes.

The Leading Truck Manufacturers in the World

1. The Volvo Group

Volvo is a famous Swedish automobile manufacturer known for being the pioneers of safety and technology. They had also invented the 3-point seat belt that we commonly use today in almost any car. Their trucks can be seen almost everywhere around the world under various names such as Renault Trucks, UD, Dongfeng, Eicher, and Renault Trucks.

2. Navistar

Navistar is a well-known name in America for producing tough military-grade trucks for trucking and hauling companies. LTL shipping companies and load brokers often prefer trucks by Navistar International Corp. The company is based in Illinois with a decent market share in the commercial trucking business. Their trucks are usually based on the classic American truck design.

3. Dongfeng Trucks

It is an emerging Chinese automobile manufacturer owned by the state. The technological advancements and their expertise in trucking have really helped them to get a decent market share. Dongfeng also manufactures civilian vehicles (only in China).

4. TATA Trucks

TATA Motors is a leading automobile manufacturer in India. They manufacture cars, buses, and trucks for Indians. The company already owns the JLR (Jaguar and Land Rover) group bought from Ford in 2008. TATA is the second leading truck manufacturer in the world. Their international series TATA Prima is known for its attractive design and reliability. When it comes to manufacturing commercial vehicles, TATA truly masters it.

5. Daimler Group

It is the leading truck manufacturer in the world with a massive road presence across the world. Their trucks are well-known for German reliability and quality. The Daimler Group has been selling trucks under various names, including Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Bharat Benz, Freightliner, and Western Star.