We thrive to provide technologically advanced trucking services

About Our Trucking Services

Pivot Trucking Service is a Nebraska-based trucking company starting as small and with a big goal to expand it to the largest trucking companies' services in the United States of America someday. At Pivot Trucking Service, we dedicated our company to excellent customer and client service by making timely deliveries, offering competitive pricing in the market, recruiting, and hiring the best drivers. Pivot Trucking company is committed to acquiring the best equipment for trucking services.

Pivot Trucking Service focuses mainly on the food industry, Auto Transport carries, and Tanker truck carries for fuel or gas. However, in the future, the company plans to diversify into other industries such as supply companies, lumberyards, and many other potential companies that use hauling for their Cargo. As an LTL shipping company and load broker, we understand the complications in the supply chains and always dedicate ourselves to provide effective shipping solutions.


Our Mission

We are on the voyage to become one of the leading trucking & hauling company in the United States by offering excellent customer service in a timely manner to fulfill our clients' needs. We are continuously learning from our customer feedback to provide unapparelled services, even in the harshest weather and terrain conditions. The entire team at Pivot Trucking LLC is dedicated to implementing advanced logistics technology and innovative services to make our logistics services customer-friendly.

Company Summary

Pivot Trucking Service is a Nebraska LLC with principal offices located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sebit Deng, president, and CEO, is the majority owner. He has been in the trucking business for five years.

Company History

Pivot Trucking has been in business for the year 2020. We have maintained financial stability during its first year of operation due to our management team's extensive industry experience.